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EHHC - Lenmed Ethekwini Hospital & Heart Centre - Home
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Buy Men’s Shoes Online in South Africa | Men’s Shoe Centre
Buy men’s shoes online! Men’s Shoe Centre stocks a wide variety of shoe styles and brands. Find out about free delivery, and shop by style, brand and size…
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SRTLogistics | For All Your Road Freight needs in Durban
Road freight, logistics, Express Deliveries, Garden refuse removal, Furniture Removal, Rubble Removal and transportation needs that are very affordable
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LP Agencies
LP Agencies is a long-established distributor for disposable food packaging, catering disposables and sundries, cleaning and hygiene products, as well as foodstuffs.
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Shop | Govan Mani
Durban Audio & Visual specialists for more than 70 years
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Stella Containers - Container sale, rental, transportation, design and conversion of shipping containers.
Stella Containers is a South African based company dealing in the sale, rental, transportation, design and conversion of shipping containers. Our competitive price list can be downloaded here.
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Shop | Govan Mani
Durban Audio & Visual specialists for more than 70 years
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ACM - Auto Component Manufacturing - Durban|Maxmead|Ethekwini|South Africa
Established since 1988 Auto Component Manufacturing, is based in Durban, Pinetown, Westmead
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Xplorer Fly Fishing
Xplorer Fly Fishing is a company based in Durban South Africa that specializes in fly fishing goods and products.
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The Toy Factory Shop – The Toy Factory Shop, a group of toy shops in Durban and Johannesburg, are importers, retailers and exporters of branded toys and non branded toys
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Eldorado Jewellers Durban | Gold and Diamond Jewellers Durban | Online Jewellery Store | Eastern Jewellery Store Durban | Durban Eastern Jewellery
Eldorado Jewellers Durban | Gold and Diamond Jewellers Durban | Online Jewellery Store | Eastern Jewellery Store Durban | Durban Eastern Jewellery
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Brenlin Plumbing - Durban Plumbers
Durban Plumbers
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Website designers CMS SEO-Search Engine Optimization,GOOGLE ADWORDS CPC,DOMAIN registrant,DIGITAL MARKETING Gauteng Durban Cape Town South Africa,Mobile Apps,SA
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Home - Vibrant Direct
Vibrant Direct home page - Mobilising your brand
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SA Flyers - 2500 Flyers from R550 ex VAT
Quality flyers and business cards delivered throughout South Africa. Delivery of flyers and business cards included to Johannesburg, Pretoria, Cape Town, Durban, East London, Bloemfontein & George. Flyers printed in full colour on 128gsm gloss paper. Business cards printed in full colour on 300gsm gloss board.
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Larson Industries has been leaders in their field for over 30 years now
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Welcome to Durban 2022
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Easy Affordable Self-Catering Bookings
Self Catering Accommodation Online at Great Rates with personalised service. Hotels, Apartments, Villas and Resorts
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ASSIST WITH DEBT | Who can assist with debt?
ASSIST WITH DEBT | Who can assist with debt? Looking for a debt counsellor to assist with debt? Click here
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Durban Accommodation
Durban Accommodation - Find Accommodation in Durban at Hotels, Bed & Breakfasts and a range of Self Catering Options. Deal Direct and SAVE!
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The 30 best places in Durban, KwaZulu-Natal — Best Price Guarantee
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Finely Found It Interiors is an Interior Design and Decorating business (based in Durban, South Africa) that stresses Individuality rather than Conformity
At Finely Found It Interiors we have a passion for transforming unloved and unused spaces into inviting and invigorating havens – ideal places in which to spend time with family and friends, or work and draw inspiration from the surroundings.
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Durban Yoga Shala - How to start a home yoga practice
  • Updated On (Date): 2016-Sep-05
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Web Design Durban - Website designers you can trust! - Weblab
Looking for Web design Durban? We are the team you need to bring your business to life online! The most trusted website designers in Durban. Call us!
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Damp Guru | Home
We are a Damp Proofing, Water Proofing and Roofing company. We handle all aspects of water, whether you want to keep it Out, In or Save it. Structural dampness is the presence of unwanted moisture in the structure of a building, either the result of intrusion from outside or condensation from within the structure. Rising damp is a condition where moisture from the ground travels up through the pores in the bricks and mortar of a building. Damp can cause structural problems and pose serious health risks. Lateral damp is when moisture is allowed to enter the structure in a horizontal direction. We are able to provide our clients with approved certification and backing from The Damp Proofing and Waterproofing Association of South Africa (DWASA) as well as the Master Builders Association (MBA). Damp Guru is technologically savvy and makes use of a state of the art thermal image camera and conducts visual inspections using fluorescent dyes and traces, protimeter sureymaster, salt analysis, to do damp detection or to find unseen moisture ingress. Using thermology combined with radio frequency Damp Guru is able to address all faults in a fast and non-destructive method of damp detection.
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Fishing Corner – Fishing Durban South Africa
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Durban Tourism
Durban tourism is geared towards taking care of all your needs while you are visiting this gem by the sea
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Bannerxpert - Advertising Banners, Flags & Signs, Durban
Bannerxpert supplies customised Advertising Banners and Signs including Flags, Displays and Banner Stand Units. We deliver in and around Durban and courier nationwide.
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    Home | Bidtrack
    Bidtrack is a company that tracks and recovers vehicles in South Africa.
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    Casea Charters | Deep sea fishing and boat charter services in Umhlanga, Durban, South Africa
    deep sea fishing and boat charter services in Umhlanga rocks, Durban, South Africa.
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    Durban July tips from the experts - Winning betting tips for the 2017 Durban July - Durban-July.com
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    Home - Durban Function Hire
    Durban Function Hire has been a pioneer in the field of Corporate,wedding,function hiring, and catering for over 35 years.
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    KZN Water & Energy | Re-thinking water & energy since 1994
    • Updated On (Date): 2016-Aug-01
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    • Updated On (Date): 2017-Jul-09
    Durban Remedial Therapist - Carole Van Den Berg
    Durbane Carniosacral Therapist - Carole Van Den Berg. A gentle, hands-on approach that releases tensions deep in the body to relieve pain and dysfunction...
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    Home - Afripipes
    Leader in the manufacture and distribution of Telecommunication Ducts in the Southern African Region. Supply and distribution of fibre optic cable, components and accessories. Factories situated in Durban and Johannesburg, South Africa, Kenya and Dubai.
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    Home - Durban Girls College
    Our school breathes a sense of confidence and curiosity into young girls so that they feel empowered to take their stance as independent women of society.
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    KZN Real Estate Specialists | Houses, Townhouses, Flats & Vacant Land | PROprop Professional Property People
    Proprop the Professional Property People of Durban, KZN Assists Buyers and Sellers. Aiding You the Seller or Buyer with Comparative Market Analyses and Market Related Valuations.
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    Gooderson Leisure - Accommodation across South Africa
    Gooderson Leisure owns and manages a variety of leisure destinations across South Africa.
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    The People Connection - Financial Recruiters Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa - The People Connection Financial Recruitment Agency South Africa
    The People Connection - Financial recruitment Agency in Johannesburg, Gauteng
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    Fab U Look by Shaista China | Fab U Look Make Up Durban Overport | Make-Up Artist
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    Affordable and Professional Web and Mobile Site Design
    Your complete Web, Mobile, E-Commerce and Digital Marketing agency in Umhlanga Rocks, South Africa. We specialise in true mobile responsive websites, e-commerce. lead generation and online marketing
    • Updated On (Date): 2016-May-16
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    Conference & Wedding Venues, Party Venue, Function Halls - Durban
    Mt. Edgecombe Conference Centre hires venue like Conferences, Seminars, Banquets, Weddings, party, Birthdays, Graduations, ICC Durban self catering, Training
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    Photobooth Durban: Snap That Photobooth And Photography Durban
    Photobooth Durban: Snap That Is A Mobile Photobooth For Hire In Durban, South Africa. Our Photo Booth Is Great For Weddings, Engagements, Birthday Parties, Corporate Events, Anniversary Parties
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    Home cooking recipes & advice | Stuffed Feeling, Durban food blog
    Stuffed Feeling is a Durban food blog offering delicious home cooked recipes from desserts to main meals, and gives practical cooking advice, product reviews and interviews with people in the food industry.
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    Abalisious Pilates Yoga Wellness exercise Training Balito Durban KZN
    Website designers CMS SEO-Search Engine Optimization,GOOGLE ADWORDS CPC,DOMAIN registrant,DIGITAL MARKETING Gauteng Durban Cape Town South Africa,Mobile Apps,SA
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    Beauty Defined - Planet Nails Stockist
    Beauty Defined in Durban - Planet Nails Stockist - Clip in Hair Extensions, Beauty Products, Caribbean Spraytan, Sunbed, IPL Laser, Permanent make up, Slimming, Weightloss, Bridal, Manicure, Pedicure, Hairdressing
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    Umhlanga Accommodation for Hotels and Self-Catering | Umhlanga Bookings
    Umhlanga Self Catering accommodation and Umhlanga Hotel accommodation at the best rates
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    Amazing Glaze South Africa - home
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    Everitt Wood Design
    Everitt Wood Design - makers of superior quality Wendy Houses and other timber products. View our online store and buy the right product today!
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    Durban Website Design Studio, Custom Software, Template Website Development Company
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    Fitness Warehouse
    Fitness Warehouse was established in 2002 and is located in Durban, South Africa. We hold the distribution rights to some of the world’s biggest and best fitness equipment brands like Hoist, SportsArt, Hummer, Technofit and Body Bike.
    • Updated On (Date): 2017-May-30
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    Durban Cleaning Solutions
    Durban Cleaning company offering Hygiene Solutions
    • Updated On (Date): 2016-Nov-14
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    Buy New and Pre-owned Boats in KwaZulu-Natal | Natal Power Boats
    Natal Power Boats are stockists of new and pre-owned boats, Suzuki outboards, boating gear, and so much more! Click here for all things boating in Durban...
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    SPAR - One of the largest retailers across Southern Africa.
    With more than 850 stores nationwide there’s always a SPAR to meet all your shopping needs. Our SUPERSPARs are priced right and offer a wide variety of products and fresh foods to meet the needs of weekly and monthly family shopping. Visit a local SPAR for everyday neighbourhood value and, for convenience at its best, pop into a KWIKSPAR to help make your hectic lifestyle a little easier - which ever you choose, you’re guaranteed freshness, quality and great service!
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      King Shaka International Airport
      King Shaka International Airport in Durban.
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      Home Page
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      Web Design Durban - Together Online - Weblab
      Web design Durban? We are the team you need to bring your business to life online! We have once off and monthly packages to suit your budget. Visit us!
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      History Buffs » History, Education & Knowledge Articles
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      ARB Holdings Limited - Home
      arb, electrical wholesaler, power and instrumentation cable, overhead line equipment and conductors, general electrical contracting material, durban south africa, bee, black empowered, electronic, electrical equipment, black-empowered electrical wholesaler, large heavy industry, parastatals, construction industry, electrical contractors, government overhead electrification programme, mining industry, power, batsomi power, black economic empowerment, arb.co.za
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      Pro Trade Investments
      An investment company that earns you from 5% profit daily which you can withdraw anytime you wish. secure investment Invest as many times as you like and withdraw as many times as you alike also and change your financial life forever.
      • Updated On (Date): 2017-Nov-11
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      Savior Brand Co | Beauty in Imperfection ~ Made in Durban, ZAR
      • Updated On (Date): 2017-Jul-05
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      Recruitment Agency | Supply Chain, Logistics & Travel Recruitment
      Lee Botti & Associates is a recruitment agency specialising in the Supply Chain, Logistics and industries with offices in Durban, Johannesburg & Cape Town.
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      Grow Your Real Estate Business Online | Prop Data Internet Marketing
      Prop Data is an internet marketing company that is solely focused on and dedicated to marketing real estate on the internet. Generate Leads and Grow your Real Estate Business Online.
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      Busamed Hillcrest Private Hospital - Home
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      Durban Attorneys
      Durban Attorneys / Durban Law Firm. Sleep easy whilst your anxiety is addressed and resolved by MAK Ameen & Company.
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